Our Strategies

When building strategies for investors we focus our efforts on achieving three objectives; Invest, Protect, and Grow. INVEST intentionally to earn a return on capital; PROTECT assets carefully from known and unknown risks; and search diligently to uncover opportunities for GROWTH. Let us show you how the 7th Harvest Investments strategies work to accomplish these objectives.

Harvest Builder Strategies

Our Harvest Builder Strategies are low cost, tax efficient investment allocations designed to achieve investment outcomes that are consistent with an investor’s risk temperament and long term financial objectives.

We strategically adjust these portfolios as we identify major trend reversals and to help manage risk during volatile time periods

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Premier Investment Strategies

Our Premier Investment Strategies are actively managed to achieve absolute returns by pursuing profitable opportunities and managing risk on a consistent basis. When these strategies are fully invested we liken the process to a farmer that has all of his seeds in the soil. When harvest time arrives the farmer looks to gather up the produce just as we look to realize profits from positions we've taken.

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