Premier Investors

7th Harvest Investments offers a Premier Growth investment strategy that overlays macro-economic research and technical analysis to identify attractive investment opportunities for accredited investors.

The Premier Growth strategy provides exposure to traditional and alternative asset classes, using exchange traded investments that have the potential to achieve positive absolute returns regardless of global economic conditions.

Investment selection is based on a proprietary multi-factor methodology that is not only deliberate in its pursuit of profitable opportunities but is also extremely careful in managing the targeted risk objectives of the strategy.

Because high return may involve higher investment risk, our Premier Growth strategy is made available to accredited investors only.


  • Consistently positive absolute returns;
  • Diversified opportunity exposure
  • Cumulative returns greater than the S&P500 over 3 to 5 years;
  • Portfolio liquidity provided through exchange traded securities.


  • Absolute Focus on Growth: Daily screen for opportunities;
  • Liquid: Exchange Traded Securities only;
  • Risk Management: Disciplined approach to maximizing results;
  • Transparency: Individually managed accounts.

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