Personal Pension Plan

The 7th Harvest Accelerated Retirement Plan is a great solution for small businesses with one to five key employees who want to aggressively contribute towards their retirement.


  • Tax-deductible contributions;
  • High contribution limits;
  • Catch up on your retirement;
  • Generate income;
  • Retain key employees;
  • Creditor Protection.

Example: A 55-year old physician with no employees, who has no retirement savings and who is looking to retire in 10 years can start saving aggressively using a personal defined benefit plan. With an income of $260,000 a year, he is able to make contributions as much as $165,800 in 2016.

Assuming: 40% tax bracket; SEP-IRA 6% return compounded annually;
Personal DB Plan 3.98% compounded return before age 65 and
5.5% compounded return beginning at age 65.